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Good job Fairyland Part 2! The whaling hook-looking device (apparently a Vertical Ascension Device, probably not unlike the hooks in Bioshock Infinite) was also stolen from a design made over 2 years ago! This one was harder to find as the artist himself did not step forward. The artist is unknown but the website makes it clear that this design was made more than 2 years ago. Please signal boost this so we can find the artist. It’s likely that the artist’s name is M. Hartley (it’s common for artists to put their name in their art in a way that works like that) but so far I’ve not found anything useful.


Proof Link:

The artist’s name MAY be Brian Pape, however I’m not sure if this is a website like photobucket or like deviantart:

Part 1:

Update: The gun is from 2011. 

By Brian Pape, his self description says, “A dedicated 3D artist for over 15 years, and a Sony employee for over 10. The love for my craft pushes my quality. I am an Emergency Medical Technician for our Studio. I am also directly responsible for bringing in local students for contract positions.”

I’ve been voicing my thoughts, along with all the others on the FB group where this is posted and i have to say i’m so disappointed and disheartened by this. I had plans to buy their new Feeple60 full set Rin, the one pictured above, but i saw this post an hour before i went through with it and i am so thankful that i did.
 For a company who posts about supporting the artists and not buying copies/bootlegs of their dolls, and then to see them go and do something like this just makes me so sick.

I’ll finish my DDE layaway for my Lishe, but i think she’ll be the last FL doll i buy unless they come back with some form of apology and action to make it right.

The same. :(

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